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2008-03-09 - 9:12 a.m.

its been a long long time scince i have written anything in here. i have been threw being in 2 weddings, and now getting close to the birth of my friends baby. i have had many ups and many downs.

right now i must focus on the downs. on feb 8th i was fired from my job of 6 years. they just let me go with this bogus excuse. i know what the real reason is. my assistant director hated me. she wanted me gone for a very long time. i am not sure as to why she didnt like me. i never said much to her. actually i was always very quiet at work.
losing your job is like going threw the motions of a death in the family. everyday your reminded that life isnt the way it used to be. something is missing. not too mention how you sit up at night wondering if you will ever find another job ever again. you think about all the things you could have said to these people. that you SHOULD have said! like fuck you i have done nothing but care for these children and busted my ass! but you know what hurts the most? is that the one co worker you had that you thought was your really good friend turns out to be a snake. telling the office people that i wasnt doing my job and helping her. BULLSHIT! god i am so angry!
will this feeling ever go away? will i ever be able to think of the office people of kiddie academy and not want them to die in a grease fire?
i am lucky to have the support of almost all my co workers. well x co workers. my friends and family have been extremely understanding and helpful. i am blessed to have them.

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